Digital Mixer Device (*FIRMWARE)

FIRMWARE v. 2.1.2 for X-32 : Download Here
FIRMWARE v. 2.1.4 for X-32 : Download Here
FIRMWARE v.1.09 for XR-18 : Download Here
FIRMWARE v.1.10 for XR-18 & XR-16 and XR-12 : Download Here
FIRMWARE v.1.11 for XR-18 & XR-16 and XR-12: Download Here

Driver for XR-18 v.2.23.0 Driver Interface : Download Here 
Driver for X-USB v.2.23 Firmware V.10 : Download Here 
Driver for X-UF USB v.6.13 Driver : Download Here 
Driver for X-UF Firewire 1394  v.6.13 Driver : Download Here 


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